About Nienke Zijlstra

Nienke Zijlstra is an attentive and passionate Visual Development Artist and Set Designer based out of Vlissingen, The Netherlands. She grew up surrounding herself with books about adventures, fairy tales and magic, which continue to inspire her today. Her work explores storytelling and design. Nienke uses concept, creativity and color to create more magic.

Nienke Zijlstra has been a professional artist since 2016, with a Bachelor of Design from University of Arts Utrecht, and years of self-taught disciplines. In 2018 she attended IDEA Academy in Rome to further develop her skills. She combines digital painting and 3D design to create effective, inspiring work.

She is currently creating a Visual Development Project based on The Magic Shop by H.G. Wells. Nienke is open for work in animation, gaming, books and book covers..



Freelance artist 2016 - present

Aeonflex - Character design

Kiempunt - video editing, illustration and animation

Aletheia Study Association - logo design

Verkoopkracht - logo design


Environment Concept Design - CGMA, taught by Aaron Limonick

Fundamentals of Architecture Design - CGMA, taught by Tyler Edlin

Fundamentals of Visual Development - IDEA Academy

Painting Drama - Oatley Academy, taught by Chris Oatley

Dream Machine - Oatley Academy, taught by Chris Oatley

Bachelor of Design with Honors - University of the Arts Utrecht


Art & Design

Expertise in Set Design, Prop Design and Environment Design
Digital painting and drawing.
Traditional medium expertise in gouache, charcoal, pencil drawing and sketching.
Color and light design, composition, and perspective.
Expertise in landscape drawing and painting.
Video editing and animation


Expert in Photoshop, InDesign, Premiere